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As a small company located in the Seattle downtown core, we do understand today’s challenges with the unfortunate homeless population increasing, and with remote work you want to be able to secure and monitor access to your facility without the need to be there physically. You can do that with a cloud based Access Control solution. This way you can easily access it with an internet connection either from your phone or a computer.

Professional and fast access control Services in Seattle, WA

When it comes to security we understand that time is of the essence. That’s why at Seattle key locksmith we provide fast turn around times for new Access Control installations in some cases even the same day. Give us a call today to explore our Access Control Solutions.

Access Control

We can also help you have full control of your business by installing commercial electronic keypad systems with audit trails and lock down mode. This type of lock gives you the control to limit access to doors and during certain time frames. For example, Dale the custodian has access to the retail floor between 2:00 – 6:00 a.m. while Tammy the Inventory Manager has access to the loading dock and the inventory room during business hours. Another feature of the audit trail is that it allows you to monitor which employee enters which door at what time.


As a locksmith provider we are able to install all the necessary Hardware to complete your Access Control installation without the need to Subcontract the work to a locksmith like a typical access control company would do.



Access Control

 At Seattle Key Locksmith we offer Access Control,   we understand these challenging times for small businesses to control, audit, and restrict access to your premises and avoid unwanted visitors from barging in and disrupting the work environment or office.


Access Control is the selective restriction of areas to be able to regulate entries and exits of all sorts. There is logical Access Control where you punch a passcode to get in, and there is a touchless or contactless option that is card base.


In a commercial setting, Access Control is very efficient because of the way of regulating movement in a facility. It is designed to create a safe environment for employees and any visitors by tracking access to your building or to a certain space. When you think of the ways to implement Access Control, one of them is you can promote your employees by just giving them more access with the click of a button. 


 There are many uses of Access Control, like in the medical field. There is a need for Access Control to be able keep track of equipment or any medication in racks, also called Data Center racks. Your company, or in this case a hospital, might have certain people that are only certified to use certain machines, this way you can restrict access to anyone who doesn’t qualify.  The data you get from Access Control is valuable data that can help adjust systems to make the whole organization more efficient. This way you can have an electronic trail. 


 At Seattle Key Locksmith we understand that there is a lot of insight that comes with having Access Control. We use it in many ways and are not restricted to only doors. It can also control inventory, be used as employee promotion, etc. Call us to discuss the best options for you. 




 Touchless Automatic Doors and Access Control Solutions

 The COVID-19 pandemic changed the entire world. It affected the way people think and the ways how companies do their business. We are all focused on applying safety measures when and whenever possible. When it comes to the locksmithing industry, touchless access control solutions are now at the top of popularity.

These systems allow you to access a certain building or area without having to use the key or touch the code. If you are interested in adding touchless doors and access control to your business, here is what you need to know about these systems!


Touchless Access Control Solutions – Basic Overview


 It’s interesting to analyze how access control progressed over the years. The basic solution was using deadbolts and keys. However, the industry then moved to card readers and keycards. It seems that now’s the time for the next step forward, and that involves touchless access control solutions.


The industry has always tried to come up with the best possible method for protecting confidential information and keep areas safe from trespassing. In the times of the pandemic, there was a need for specific COVID-19 door solutions. Touchless access control provides just that because it allows you to pass the access point without touching the doors or anything around them.


How Does Touchless Access Control Work?

Touchless access control is already present at some malls, businesses, and other facilities. You’ve surely noticed commercial automatic doors that open once you get close to them. For example, a business building might have these doors. They stay closed to prevent draft and maintain indoor temperature. However, as soon as the system detects that someone is near the door, it opens them so the person can pass.

Although these solutions are convenient, they don’t actually provide access control because anyone can pass. That is why businesses decide to implement no contact doors with a selective entry system.

These solutions use several different approaches. The first one is facial recognition software or an access control system that recognizes a specific person. For example, you could wave to open doors, which is as simple as it gets. An alternative could be to install an app on your mobile phone and use it to get access to the area. The credentials would be memorized on the device, and the system would recognize them and open the doors.

So, the entire idea of access control is to take advantage of the technology for a safe and secure solution for entering protected areas.

Why Should You Get a Touchless Access Control System for Your Business?

These are high-end systems, which implies your business facility follows the latest trends and implements innovative solutions. However, that’s not the major benefit of no contact access control. Here is why you should consider adding it to your property!

  1. No Need to Touch the Doors to Enter

We’ve all become germaphobes these days, but if you think about it, doors are among the surfaces touched by a big number of people during the day. That’s why the safest thing to do is not to touch them, and automatic door systems are there to ensure that.

The latest smartphone models have fingerprint scans and facial recognition as integrated features. These methods can be used to identify yourself in front of an automatic door system. Once the access control system recognizes it’s you, the doors open, and you can pass. That means there was no actual contact, which ensures you didn’t get any germs on you. It’s much more convenient than using elbows to open doors.

2. An Added Level of Protection

If you use an actual key, that presents a high risk for your property’s security. Your employees could lose the key, and someone could abuse that to gain access to your facility. Furthermore, you might have an angry employee who will take advantage of the fact he has the key to steal sensitive information or valuable assets.

The same could be said for keycards. It’s possible to clone them or lose the card, which affects its protective features. However, if you use a touchless access control system, there is nothing that could be lost or stolen!

These solutions allow you to pass the point by waving at the doors or by using smartphone information. Although someone could theoretically steal the phone, the odds are they couldn’t get past the screen code to unlock it.

3. A Convenient and Safe Solution

Let’s say that you have a business where many clients and employees enter and leave during the day. You could still benefit from touchless automatic door operators. The idea is simple – the doors would remain closed if no one wants to enter.

However, an automatic swing door could detect that a person is in front of them and open automatically. That is a convenient solution in situations where you don’t need to check the person’s identity trying to enter. Although access control is advisable for sensitive areas, touchless doors are great for places with high frequencies. They provide a safer solution for everyone involved because nobody touches the doors, but they open automatically.

4. Speed Up a Sign-In Process for Hotels and Other Offices

As the owner of a hotel or any other building, it’s your task to ensure the surroundings are as safe as possible. That’s another benefit of a touchless access control solution. You could ask guests to fill in an online form before they come to the building. That way, you can even provide them with credentials and instructions to enter. They could use a QR code, or you could ask partners and other frequent visitors to download an app and use it to pass the entry point.

 5. Try to Identify Potential Risk of COVID-19 and Tie It to Access Control

Here is another useful safety addition secured by the automatic door systems. You could implement a form that each employee should fill weekly or bi-weekly. That form could include questions like, is there anyone in the employee’s surroundings who tested positive for COVID-19. You can also ask if they traveled somewhere during the weekend or vacation or whether they felt any symptoms like fever and cough.

The access control system could have access to that information. If it detects an answer that suggests a risk of the virus for a particular employee, it could restrict access to that property.

6. Remote Monitoring of the Security System

The idea of touchless doors is that nobody has to touch them, and that includes you. That’s why these security systems can be managed remotely. You can access the system from your computer, adjust the settings for entering the area, and perform all the necessary changes.

That’s how you eliminate the need to interact with employees to give them keycards or keys, which is a safety risk in times of pandemics. It’s also possible to monitor who entered and when the system has a tracking option with a video system.

 Automatic Swing and Bi-Folding Doors

Do you feel like a bi-folding automatic door could be the right choice for your property? These solutions are excellent for restricted areas. If the hallway is narrow and you need a compact-sized touchless door solution, this is an excellent way to go.

You shouldn’t underestimate the first impression your business leaves with the potential customer or partner. The fact you have automatic and touchless doors will suggest to them you care about safety, but they also appreciate a simple opening mechanism.

Automatic swing doors are another option you could go with since they secure an attractive design and smooth operation. The no contact opening is important for high-frequency locations.

Why Should Choose Us to Be Your Touchless Automatic Door Provider?

We are proud to say that we have years of experience in the industry. Our experts can leverage their knowledge and skills to suggest the best possible solution for your business. We’ll work together to come up with the top touchless access control system for your building. Our goal is to maximize safety and convenience while ensuring that the solution fits your budget.

Here is what you can expect when doing business with our company:

  • Dedicated to doing our job right – we take care of every detail to install a flawless automatic door system for your company.
  • Fast and punctual – our team will always arrive on time and try to finish the job in the shortest possible timeframe.
  • Training and explanation of how to use the system – if you are worried about using your touchless access control system, we’ll explain everything steps by step. You can always rely on us, so just give us a call if you have any questions.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable – we can install everything from a simple automatic door to complex touchless access control solutions.
  • Competitive prices – we know that times are tough, which is why we try our best to keep our rates competitive.

 If you feel like it’s time to take the security of your business property to the next level, you should consider touchless automatic doors and access control solutions. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today, and our experts will help you pick the best option!












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