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Access Control

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As a small company located in the Seattle downtown core we do understand today’s challenges with increasing homeless population and remote work you want to be able to secure and monitor access to your facility without the need to be there physically with a cloud based Access Control solution you can easily do just that from anywhere you have an internet connection either from your phone or A laptop computer

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When it comes to security we understand that time is of the essence. That’s why at Seattle key locksmith we provide fast turn around times for new Access Control installations in some cases even the same day. Give us a call today to explore our Access Control Solutions

Access Control

We can also help you have full control of your business by installing commercial electronic keypad systems with audit trails and lock down mode. This type of lock gives you the control to limit access to doors and during certain time frames. For example, Dale the custodian has access to the retail floor between 2:00 – 6:00 a.m. while Tammy the Inventory Manager has access to the loading dock and the inventory room during business hours. Another feature of the audit trail is that it allows you to monitor which employee enters what door at what time.


As a locksmith provider we are able to install all the necessary Hardware to complete your Access Control installation without the need to Subcontract the work to a locksmith like a typical access control company.

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Emergency lock-outs, Lock change/re-key. New lock installation.



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